1 Day Enjoy Sipi Community Experience

Mise Cave is located in Sipi, Kapchorwa Mt Elgon and is apparently regarded as a Sebei Historical site or Sebei Ancestral home. The rocks are evidently coated with zoot/ smoke that clearly shows that Sebei natives, had once lived in this cave.

However, the cave served different purposes during the century’s times, and distinguishable activities were conducted which were based on Sebei traditional beliefs to date and still treated as special place accorded with respect in line with appeasing the gods or Spirits. And the noted events were as follows: Spiritual Consultations, Child naming ceremonies, Story Telling, Marriage blessing ceremonies, Conducting Circumcision Ceremonies for both male and female and is conducted every even year, Venue for solving social conflicts, Moral Teaching, Ushering Twins (firs born was call Chekwech and last born is Chesuro) and the ceremonies were conducted andPracticing Hunting Skills

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Along Mbale-Kapchorwa Road Sipi, Kapchorwa