1 Day Sipi Falls Hike

Sipi Falls is arguably the best hiking destination in the Eastern part of Uganda. Right on the foothills of Mount Elgon bordering Kenya, the waterfalls consist of three beautiful falls cascading from different heights of the volcanic cliffs ranging from 100m drop, to 60 and 8 5metres.

The Sipi Falls are fed by a single Sipi river and their volume and power are particularly high during the rainy season. What is great about this gift from Mother Nature is that it can accommodate all ages and is suitable for a family trip. The trails are structured in a way so as to pass around the Sipi community and locals living here are so hospitable in welcoming you with big warm smiles and well wishes.


At Elgon Trek, we’re a family full of adventurous spirits and always aim to give you our best to ensure that you have a memorable time with us.

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Along Mbale-Kapchorwa Road Sipi, Kapchorwa