3-Day Sasa Trail

This is considered the shortest way to get to the summit within 3 days, 2 nights but it has a steep beginning. Once this is dealt with, the rest becomes easy and gentle but intensive. You will set off from Budadiri gate on boda boda to Bumasola Village where the starting point is.



Day 1: Arrival at Budadiri Gate for the registrations, briefing, meet the ranger guides, porters, and the cook. You will then board boda bodas (motorcycle taxi) to the starting point in Bumasola Village. You will hike through the wall of life, skipping the Sasa River Camp (will be for lunch), Sasa Patrol Camp and traverse to Mude Camp at Elevation of 3500m asl for our first night. This hike takes approximately 6-7 hours depending on how you find it, and your strength level.


Day 2: Early in the morning after breakfast, you will embark on a hike to the summit, passing through Jackson Pool, Jackson Peak and a view of Jackson table. The views here are stunning. You then proceed to the Wagagai Peak, walking along the Caldera rim. It’s 9km to the peak and 9km back making a total of 18km. After touring, you will descend to Mude camp either for a snack or a break then traverse to Sasa River Camp for your 2rd night.


Day 3: After your early breakfast, you shall exit the park by descending to Bumasola Village where you will be picked up by boda bodas transferring you to Budadiri office. This marks the end of your 3 days mountain experience.

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